Himalyan Salt Candle Holder

Himalyan Salt Candle Holder


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    approx weight 800g to 850g, colors & shapes may vary

    10 Great Reasons to own a Himalayan Salt Candle holder/lamp…….

    1. cleans & deodorize the air;
    2.  reduce allergy & asthma symptoms;
    3.  eases coughing;
    4. increase energy levels;
    5.  neutralize electromagnetic radiation;
    6.  better sleep (I keep the one on my night stand on all night long);
    7. improves mood & concentration;
    8.  treat seasonal affective disorder;
    9.  reduce static electricity in the air; and
    10. environmentally – friendly light source

    check out my blog regarding Himalayan Salt Lamps & Candle Holders 

    ****tea light candle not included***

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