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    This is an amazing exercise I learned during my crystal healing certification, I did the exercise in 2015 & finished the task in 2016.¬† Who can’t use a little prosperity & abundance in their life?

    The set includes 4 aventurine tumbles, 4 pyrite & a gold or green mojo bag along with instructions on how to complete the exercise¬†🙌

    READ ON:

    It is a flow of Prosperity and Abundance Exercise….

    ~ take 8 crystals of either pyrite, green aventurine or citrine you can mix them up to total 8 or use 8 of one kind

    ~ take 8 dollar bills

    ~ a green or gold pouch (mojo bag)

    ~ set the 8 dollar bills and 8 stones out in the sun for 3 hours in the morning before noon, this manifests the energy (very powerful)

    ~ put all bills and all stones in the pouch

    ~ then each day (for 7 days in a row) spend a dollar & leave a crystal somewhere for someone to find it

    ~ on the 8th day you have a bill and a stone left

    ~ you gift the stone to someone and tell them “its a lucky gemstone to keep money flowing” (you must say exactly that)

    ~ keep the dollar bill in your wallet for 1 year on the year anniversary spend the dollar.

    The reason there is 8 bills and stones is 8 is the infinity symbol there is a lot of prosperity energy in it. This exercise is very powerful. The energy of giving opens you up to receiving.

    I MUST ADD…..I worked at a law firm at the time & Feb 2016 I quit that full time job of 12 years to continue my passion of Crystal Reiki Healing & creating…..since then I have opened an online retail shop & so much has flourished, I’m pretty proud of how far I have come, not sure if this is why, but hey can’t hurt can it?


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