***All of my creations are handcrafted by me & all crystal treasures are picked by me & given reiki energy prior to shipment***


My life changed when my mom/best friend passed away, something slowly changed in me, little bits at a time I became intrigued with various spiritual things, met a really great friend who taught me a few things to do on a spiritual level for a variety of personal reasons & then she introduced me to a metaphysical shop, where I bought a couple crystals, then I found myself spending a lot of time researching their healing properties via online, facebook, youtube, books, and continued to buy more and more crystals. I was fascinated by my findings, I could not stop talking about them, I wanted to heal, teach, make grids, elixirs and learn how to do it correctly with the scientific knowledge to back it up.


I was following several Crystal Healing pages on Facebook & Youtube for some time, I was intrigued by a Certified Crystal Healing Course, I decided to go for it and take the course and now I am certified Crystal Healer with a school that is an approved provider of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. As a Certified Crystal Healer I have an understanding of the human energetic electromagnetic field and how crystals interact with it. I have been trained in how to recognize and remedy energetic imbalances or blockages within this field utilizing crystal energy. A month after I graduated I decided to incorporate reiki into my healing sessions to amplify the energy of the crystals so I took Reiki 1 and now I am certified and use the energy work as a reiki practitioner along with the crystals.  November 2018 I became Reiki 2 Certified and also enrolled in a Meditation Teaching Course.


I applied for a d/b/a (doing business as) & started a FB biz page, where I shared what I had learned & opened a practice in my sacred space.

I wanted to find a way to wear crystals in a fashionable manner instead of hiding them in your pocket or bra to reap the property benefits, so I took a course on how to wire wrap my crystals as a platform then self taught my own unique way into each creation for others to reap the benefits as well which in turn I began to expand my business by selling my handcrafted creations on social media, I became Admin to 2 FB sale groups I average 2-3 (24) hour shows a week on a variety of FB Sale Groups. I then wanted to share beyond social media & here I am with my own website.

I love to create, I am an ARTisan through & through I offer many unique creations & thrive on custom orders! Here are my specialties:

~ Feather Smudge Wands each created with a crystal
~ Crystal Wire Wrapped Pendants
~ Pendulums
~ Rings
~ Display pieces w/Tree of Life & Celestial Sun
~ Tree of Life Crystal Pendants
~ Dream Catcher Crystal Pendants
~ Celestial Sun Crystal Pendants
~ Sage, Lavender & Patchouli Sprays (all fresh herbs extracted by me)

** If you have an idea, let me know, lets create that unique piece for you or someone special