Namaste Fellow Crystal Lovers!

Welcome to Deb’s Glad Stones Crystals & Creations Shop

It’s all in the name….

Deb’s Glad Stones was lucky enough to marry into the name “Gladstone” (yes, my name is Debbie Gladstone) it is so fitting to my crystal journey and ironically enough citrine was my first love and we all know it’s the “happy rock” get it? glad stone = happy rock  ….. well the rest is history in the making!

I have been working with crystals and creating crystal treasures since 2012.  Along the way I became a Certified Crystal Healer and Reiki Master. and I incorporate both modalities in all of my treasures! Each treasure will arrive with a brief description of the crystal(s) and will receive reiki infused energy before it leaves on its journey to you.

Creating wearable & useable art is my forte & loving crystal energy is a passion I want to share!

If you would like to get to know me & my crystal tribe on a personal level (and I would love to meet you as well)  join me in my shop for my weekly LIVE FEEDS on Thursdays 8pm est and of course a little love by following and liking my facebook page goes a long way & is truly appreciated


My Creation specialties ……

~ Feather Smudge Wands each created with a crystal
~ Crystal Wire Wrapped Pendants
~ Pendulums
~ Tree of Life Crystal Pendants
~ Sage, Lavender, Palo Santos & Patchouli Sprays (all fresh herbs extracted by me)
~ Macrame creations https://debsgladstones.com/?s=macrame

In addition my shop carries an array of crystal treasures of all shapes & size https://debsgladstones.com/product-category/crystals/

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