Happy Autumn Equinox!!

I love fall for the beautiful colors & the crisp air!  I, however, do not like it because I know what is next, winter! Winters here in NY are way toooo long and on a personal note I love to ride my Harley and this delays it from happening lol 🙁

Lets not get passed the blog at hand ……(cuz I could go on forever lol)


What crystals to use during fall equinox …..crystals associated with the root chakra that ground you, (there are many) but choosing a fall colored stone is ideal for this time of year…..such as red jasper, red garnet & rhodonite.  The rich red and orange colors, bring in the abundant earth energy, helping you through the holiday seasons and winter months ahead. 

The equinoxes are all about balance & harmony, this is because we are receiving equal amounts of sun & moon energy.  So on a balance aspect, this is a great time to choose to focus on balancing & aligning yourself to these energies…….here are some crystals that help with just that…..AUTUMN EQUINOX CRYSTALS

  • Moonstone – embodies an enlightened female energy; soothing, moon energy, intuition enhancer
  • Sunstone – invites in enlightened male energy; abundance, solar energy, stone of leadership
  • Magnetite – aligns and balances energies + polarities


  • Include them on your altar
  • create a grid
  • meditating with them
  • gem elixir  (CRYSTAL ELIXIR GLASS WATER BOTTLE) available to create with your own along with the crystal of choice with bottle.
  • wear them, carry them, tuck them in your bra…..

As we take this vortex journey and experience with various energies of Autumn, this is our time to “tweak” any intentions or manifestations that we put in place for the entire year before we become “hibernating bears” for the winter. 


The Autumn Equinox is the first day of the autumn season and occurs when the sun passes the equator moving from the northern to the southern hemisphere. 

This is the time when the nights and the day are of almost exactly equal in length. At the equinox, the sun crosses the celestial equator, to enter the sky’s Northern Hemisphere. … At the equinox, earth’s two hemispheres are receiving the sun’s rays equally. The word equinox comes from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night). 

How do you prepare or celebrate Autumn Equinox?  Love to hear your stories and/or suggestions……