My name is Debbie & I am an empath…..

There are many ways that being an empath can affect you!!!

My number one is I will NOT watch the news!!!

When someone is going through something sad, what happens to me, is I truly feel what they are feeling.  Since a young age I have always been told I wear my emotions on my sleeve, “you are so sensitive” has been commented quite a bit to me over the years.

Well lets flash forward to Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master Attunements…….my empathic emotions have gone from 0 to 100. When you become attuned you are alot more susceptible to others, you are more prone to getting out of balance.  You need to focus more on grounding than most people do. 

An example of this weeks empathic energy that I have succumbed to is 2 deaths & the energy of another human that didn’t resonate well with me. 

Regarding the death …what happens to me is I feel what they are feeling, I take on their emotions, I cry as if it is directly related to me, it can be very draining, I sleep more, I get totally caught up in it, by “living” what they will or are going through with many scenarios swirling in my head…….

Regarding someones energy that does not resonate with me …….. I basically feel my body get tense, my shoulders ache, my stomach gets wacky, I make myself get away from them, I don’t deal with them in any way what so ever…..

In both cases this week I cut back from social media as much as i could afford to (my business is ran using SM) and I did a lot of chanting!!! My hubby let me rant, my good friends listened, and that helped a lot too! 

What I am learning to do to separate their emotions from my emotions and identify what are actually my emotions is I use my reiki symbols, I chant them, I walk through them, I focus on here & now, I find my happy place.  This is really really important to do and is a MUST!!!

My suggestion to anyone that is an empath but not a reiki practitioner is use your crystals, sit with them, chant their name, focus here & now, do whatever you can to bring yourself to your happy place!  It is definitely work in progress. 


I like to use black tourmaline for grounding & my very large selenite wand to clear my aura!!

I love who I am, I love how caring I am, I don’t ever want to change, and I am glad that I have the ability to know what I need to do to check myself and do self care.  There are many empath benefits, I realize I focused on the part of being an empath that isn’t much fun, but it is what is on my mind and “word to paper” is another therapeutic way of helping myself and you!

Today is another day, I am a work in progress, as are all other empaths, please share what you do to get through. 

Here is one of the many links I found regarding empaths, my friend sent me…..this is spot on for me!!