As far as a “grounding” stone, Black Tourmaline (aka Schorl) is what I have always reached for, not the most beautiful to look at but I can really feel the grounding energy when working with it. 


When I worked outside of my home I would keep one on my desk, I dealt with a very negative co-worker & needed this in my presence;

I keep one on my motorcycle while riding;

I put small pieces on top of each door jam in my home to ward off negativity that may enter;

sleep with one under your pillow;

have a pendant made (by me lol) to wear;

My Crystal Healing Mentor suggests burying one in the ground of each corner of the outside of your home and placing one in the inside of the center of your home to really ground & protect;

AS A HEALER during my sessions with clients, I always keep a big piece in between their feet to keep them grounded during sessions.  Most times I give a small piece to take home with them to work with & put in their pocket. 

Carrying or Meditating with Black Tourmaline can keep your auric field clear of imbalance even if you are in the presence of destructive energies.  I can not stress enough how this is perfect for any “bad vibe” situation, hence the reason I have one with me pretty much at all times, we encounter many energies while at the mall, grocery store, work etc….

Here is a very short mini grounding affirmation I like to use & recommend to my clients to use before starting their day……..

sit comfortably in a chair or on couch,  take one black tourmaline and put in your dominate hand, then take another black tourmaline and put in between your feet and repeat several times…….”I am purified, grounded & centered upon mother earth”, simple but very effective!!

Think of Black Tourmaline as a vacuum cleaner, clearing yourself & your surrounding of negativity & disharmony. 

What is your favorite grounding stone/crystal?  I would love to hear from you & how you work with it!!