Creating a Gem Elixir takes time, this video briefly shows how I do it by using the pranic sun method.  When I mention the “preservative” aka “stabilizer” there are several to choose from some containing alcohol and some that do not, I prefer to let you choose on what best resonates with you.

After the video I created  a “mother batch” which means I strained the elixir into an amber/cobalt blue dropper container and add 10/1 ratio of preservative (stabilizer) then I take a dropper and add a 1-2 drops into a drink …..this method makes it easier than bringing crystals with you to add to your drink…….. while being discreet in public. The results are amazing!  Also water absorbs words, try writing what your intentions are for your gem elixir on a sticky note and taping to the bottle.

Other ideas you can use an elixir for:

~ add to lotion

~ bath water

~ spraying into a room

~ spraying on skin

~ use as a compress (spray on a wet cloth, put on wound/headache)

~ energetic balance (clearing your aura)

the ideas are endless!  Cheers…..

Please feel free to share with me how you create your gem elixir……