Crystal Grids can be used for many purposes:

~ love

~ abundance

~ a new job

~ relationships

~ energy boost

~ someone or even yourself is not feeling well

if there is something you are looking for & your intentions are good making a grid helps amplify what you are seeking. 

  • If making a grid for someone other than yourself always ask permission, you want to make sure that they want the same thing, you don’t want to set the wrong intention on someone elses behalf out to the universe 

My Grid

My crystal grid is for my family & I to support positive emotions & help us celebrate our angel Jake

Crystals being used & why:

Citrine ~ to bring us happiness as much as possible during this time

Labradorite ~ to heal our aura

Aventurine~ protects, soothes & calms emotions.  Facilitates contact with spirit guide

Setting up a grid:

~choose a quiet room where you would like to place your grid where it will not be knocked into or over

~Choose what crystals you feel will work best with your intentions.  I personally choose only 3 to avoid crystal chaos, this avoids one crystal “washing out” the intention/properties of another crystal.

~ pick a generator crystal, this should be a bigger version of one of the crystals you are using in your grid to place in the middle of the grid, if you do not have a bigger version a clear quartz is a great option.  What a generator crystal does is sends your intention out to the universe as you state it & amplifies the effect

~cleanse your crystals in a manner that suits you, I use the sound of my singing bowl and my selenite plate 

~ cleanse the room you are using by smudging to remove any negative/unwanted energy

~ write your intention down & place under grid

~ place your crystals on a grid & while doing so infuse your intention into each stone, be mindful to what your intentions are, place any crystal points in between a few crystals, either having the points face inwards towards the generator or outwards, I like inwards to amplify the energy towards the generator, outwards can be great too to send out to universe both are doing the same, I only use generator to give it the extra “umph”

~ once your crystals are placed on the grid in the manner that you would like take your wand of choice (I use clear quartz point) then pick a starting point, state your intention & point your wand to each crystal infusing your intention, this links your crystals energetically once you have come back to your starting point you then will use your generator in the next process…

~ pick a starting point, state your intention, and like cutting a pie, point to the crystal then generator, then next crystal then generator, next crystal then generator……and so on stopping at the crystal you started at

~ keep your grid up as long as you’d like be sure to “activate” it once a month & everyday you should spend a moment with it by maybe meditating or even quickly stating your affirmation.  I like to rub my hands together feeling the energy (that tingle feeling) and separate my hands hovering over the grid with the energy & state my affirmation

*** Please note this is how I do it, everyone has their own way, like everything as long as your intentions are there you cannot go wrong, always do what resonates with you!