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Be Aware of your Crystal Treasures Part 2
October 27, 2017

ALWAYS LEARNING & LOVING IT! (part 2) This is a continuation of last weeks blog.  2 weeks ago  I went to…

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Be Aware of your crystal treasures!! part 1
October 22, 2017

ALWAYS LEARNING & LOVING IT! Last week I went to a Wholesale Gemshow, when I was “scoping” out the treasures, I…

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September 24, 2017

ZODIAC CHANGE TO LIBRA & FALL EQUINOX September 23 – October 22  is the zodiac sign for Libra.  As we all know…

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Crystal Reiki Healing
September 17, 2017

I have had some people ask me questions regarding what Reiki is & at times I have had issues with explaining…

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Tree of Life & I……
September 2, 2017

TREE OF LIFE …… I personally have always been fascinated by the Tree of Life, I just think its a beautiful…

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Crystals as we enter into Virgo …….
August 26, 2017

I plan to keep moving forward with this type of blog when the signs change from month to month.  Feel free…

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Solar Eclipse Crystals
SOLAR ECLIPSE, my choice of crystals & why…..
August 19, 2017

Are we all preparing for the Solar Eclipse?  I personally still need to get my glasses & I am lucky enough…

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Black Tourmaline “my go to for grounding”
August 7, 2017

As far as a “grounding” stone, Black Tourmaline (aka Schorl) is what I have always reached for, not the most beautiful…

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Citrine fake or real
July 23, 2017

When I started loving on crystals, my very first beauty I was drawn to was citrine!  Even though there is many…

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Crystal Healing
July 15, 2017

What is Crystal Healing? Crystals channel energy, they absorb, focus, store, transmit and transmute this energy that can be used for…

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