What is Crystal Healing?

Crystals channel energy, they absorb, focus, store, transmit and transmute this energy that can be used for healing and energetic effects.

Think of Crystals as a supplement, they will not do something that you or your body cannot, they help speed up the process of things that will happen anyway. 

Prior to my healing sessions with clients, I ask several questions regarding each chakra so I know what stones I want to work with, if it doesn’t come to me right away I research the ailment a bit more to come up with the crystal that best suits the situation. 

There are many explanations as to how they work such as mystical, magical, scientific etc… my belief is the energy from the crystals when the intention is set is amplified to work in the mannerism you want, not saying that if you give someone a howlite all of a sudden they are not an angry person or give someone an amethyst for addiction they will quit their addiction.  It is all in the mindset for me (intention).

When I know I am going for a ride on my motorcycle I bring a mojo bag with 3 crystals every time I ride, It has Smokey Quartz to help keep me grounded, Yellow Jasper for traveling safely & Rose Quartz for the loving energy (rose quartz is a great mix at anytime, I mean who can’t use love at all times lol).  I also keep a nice size chunk of black tourmaline in my saddlebag to ward of negativity & keep me grounded as well. 

Some say placebo effect I say, “so what if it is?” If I can focus on what my intention is by having that crystal(s) with me it naturally helps me to not focus in a negative manner.  I am not hurting anyone, it is a very positive tool in my life that has changed it for the better 100%.  I am not throwing them at people lol. 

I like to add a variety quartz to my water GLASS, again depending on my intention.  This is called a Crystal Elixir they can be effective in the treatment of certain conditions working from the inside out.  Think of it like this, the water is energized by the crystal and you are consuming it that energy is entering your body WOW, its awesome.  In the winter I love to drink aventurine & carnelian in a glass of water, aventurine is a comforter and heart healer, settles nausea, it brings well-being.  A good all-round healer & Carnelian is great for energy, these 2 crystals balance each other very well during the flu season time of the year!

Something to try……Grab a crystal you know nothing about work with it for a few days, take notes, see what it does for you, then read the description, see if it is similar.  A lot of times people will use a crystal on a chakra that a book says its not for just because it works for them, go with it, have fun, there is no right or wrong. 

I would love to hear from you & how you use crystals…..