With the shop continually expanding with a variety of crystal shapes and creations, I thought it was time to write a blog on how those shapes may benefit you.  As always clear your crystals prior to working with them, set your intention and enjoy!

TUMBLE & NATURAL STONES…I love owning tumbled crystals, they are great for so many things such as grid work, carrying them in your pocket, keeping it around you in your work place, putting in your plants, placing in your car, gifting them or even create a pendant with them!  Tumbled stones are perfect for the new crystal enthusiast to dabble with and see where it takes you.  I believe it is where we all start out!

PYRAMIDS & POLISHED POINTS…..Pyramids and/or polished points are great to use as a grid generator (see crystal grids blog) https://debsgladstones.com/creating-my-crystal-grid/.  Crystal pyramids/polished points are said to be powerful for manifesting and can be used for your wish fulfillment by placing in the South West location of your home, office, bedroom, sacred space etc….  “The base acts as an anchor for your intention and the apex of the pyramid sends the intention out into the universe (pointing up)

SPHERES… Remember as a child seeing that crystal ball on the “Wizard of Oz”?  Spheres are a very comfortable crystal shape to meditate with.  By placing it in the center of a table, desk, shelf etc it transmits the energy to all directions

POINTS & WANDS…Wands are perfect for energy work such as activating grids and using on acupressure points if your point has a rounded end and is not double terminated it is also great to use for acupressure points.

HEARTS… These gorgeous shapes are great for body placement, clearing a chakra setting your intention with them.  Meditating or gifting!!  Who doesn’t like a heart shaped crystal as a gift???

CLUSTERS… Besides being so beautiful to look at these gorgeous specimens radiate energy with each point or gem peeking out of its matrix!

Bottom line is crystals are gorgeous and are a conversation piece to add to any home, I love placing mine with my plants (featured picture), in my curio cabinet and of course in my sacred space shop!  My granddaughter calls them “pretties” for a reason.

Namaste ~ Debbie