When you think of a crystal sphere, I’m sure like most a “crystal ball” comes to mind, where you can mystically look into the future and see what will transpire…….I think of the movie “Wizard of Oz” where the wicked witch is watching Dorothy to see what she is doing.  There is an amazing amount of crystal spheres to choose from & picking the right one can be done in the same mannerism as a simple tumbled crystal …….when you see it does it “call out to you”, or is it just so gorgeous you have to have it?  Is there a particular metaphysical property you are looking for in a crystal that maybe you will get lucky enough to find in an amazing sphere, that is usually the route I take, but I have been known to be drawn to the beauty & then end up loving the properties too, so win win!  What is really beneficial about any crystal sphere is it emits its energy in all directions, it is great to have on a coffee table in your living room so the energy is freed up to spread the crystal love…….

In feng shui, the ancient art of creating optimal energy flow in an environment, disharmony is created by sharp angles and edges. A sphere is the most harmonious form possible. Because of its balancing energy it is ideal to place in the center of a room (called the T’ai Chi). It is also perfect for grid work, to put on an altar or use on your desk at work (which I know from experience is not always a pleasant place) to some it just looks like a decoration piece, but you know that you are using it to emit loving energy & perhaps deflect negativity from a co-worker or the environment itself. 

Because it has no beginning or end it can place us very much in the here and now. Holding a sphere while you meditate helps to release worry and take you into a deeper state.

The featured pic shown are of 2 carved spheres, the selenite was my first sphere, I love the moon & that one is perfect it represents the moon in all ways, the second is a jasper that was carved by a fellow crystal lover/

seller/friend of mine.  The bigger one is a Petrified Wood sphere I bought for my collection & put in my curio cabinet along with the carved spheres.  The 2 with the dolls are my friends spheres I love how she chose to decorate them ……I thought it was a pretty cool idea & asked permission to share with you all!

Would love to see your pics and how you choose to showcase your spheres!!!


crystal spherecrystal sphere  crystal sphere