Did you know you can make a grid and send distant healing to someone or situation? You can do this in a number of ways….

~ first and foremost you must ask permission the reason for this is you may NOT interfere with another person’s free will and their life journey. You must honor their acceptance or declination of it, their healing is not about you.

~ then research which crystals are best to use for that particular situation that you are looking to heal…

~ when setting up your grid, place a picture of the person, situation, group, place etc… that you are looking to send healing to

~ write on a piece of paper what you want to send, even a mantra or affirmation is very powerful!!

~ place this all under the generator (middle cyrstal) on your grid

~ place your crystals around your grid, use clear quartz points to amplify, you can place out or in towards generator depending on if you are sending the power out or into the grid.

~ try to use only 3 types of crystals only to avoid crystal chaos.

Featured picture is a distant healing grid I made for someone a while ago for someone I know in the hospital, my intention for this grid was to send strength, love & healthy energies to him & his family….my belief is every positive thought you send out there definitely helps 🙂

Have fun and take pics to share