For the past year (give or take) I have neglected taking care of me the way I use to when I started on my spiritual path.  Not by choice, personal circumstances changed my routine.  I must say, I welcomed those changes with open arms, it didn’t set me back, it just filled my life with more love and gentle nurturing that the universe felt I needed.  Now the universe has given me the “me only” time to grow.  I have made an inner promise to myself to take advantage of what has been set in front of me.

My Conscious “me time” step is I have started healthier eating, its easy to order out when you get busy, and I tend to forget to eat during the day ……since working from home I have gained weight & of course entering menopause doesn’t help lol.  So that has been a nice change.

My first “me time” step was to make a Reiki Healing session appointment, so I did just that.  Thursday I went for a 1.5 hour session with one of the most amazing Reiki Masters I have had.  Like most Reiki Practitioners, she asked my intentions & at first I couldn’t think of any, I just knew in my heart of hearts I needed a session.  Then as I laid there and she started working at my feet to focus on grounding, I mentioned to her that I notice lately that I have had concerns with not being here for future endeavors, we chatted more intently about it, with the realization why that was possible.  She explained what she was going to do to take care in that issue.  Now, I always tell my clients, you may become emotional during sessions, not to fear, it is natural.  Well this is the fist time it happed to me personally, the amazing “lift” of emotions, tears flowed and the chant in my mind that was happening during the session I will never forget!!! After all was done, we chatted & she gave me suggestions & let me know what she sensed.  Since my session, the last 3 days have been an eye opener, I am focused in a different mannerism, my sleep is heavier and longer (my belief that is a “me time” added benefit).  I can not stress enough how important it is to have a reiki session.  I need to add that my reiki crystal healing business has been on the back burner until I get my home based room back up & running.  With that said, I haven’t been giving sessions & this means I am not receiving as much as I was.  Reiki is one of those “give & you shall receive” kinda things.

We all need to focus on ourselves a bit more, and I am so glad that I am doing this for myself.  Now I am going to focus more on my meditations, my “go to” crystal for this by far is my “celestite” aka “celestine” crystal geode cave. I bought this probably 4 or 5 years ago, I have had some amazing pieces in stock since then, but I don’t like to change (its just me) I feel like this was mine when I most needed & I can’t stray from it, just feels wrong lol.   I get lost during my sessions imagining myself sitting down on one of these blades in awe of what I am visualizing amongst the cave.  Its awesome feeling.  Can’t wait to get started again!!!

Love to hear your reiki or meditation experiences!!!