Tonight is the Full Pink Moon, there are a few things I love to do when I know there is going to be a full moon & I wanted to share ………..

  1. I put fresh spring water out in the full moon to reap the moon energy & I use it for my Herb Sprays, put in a spray bottle and spray the energy around the house while setting my intention on clearing away the negative & bringing in the positive;
  2. I put crystals out if I have used them often or if they are new;
  3. I put crystal jewelry out that I wear;
  4. If I have a shipment going out I put the customers treasures out in full moon (with their permission)


The pink moon is just another full moon during the year. The title “pink moon” is credited to Native American tribes — in fact, almost every full moon name comes has Native American roots. Full moons occur every 29.5 days, and the April moon is known as the “pink moon.” Like the pink moon, each moon name is based on an event or action that relates to the season that is approaching.

The pink moon isn’t actually pink. The “pink” title has nothing to do with the moon’s color, but actually has to do with flowers. When the Native Americans named this moon, the “pink” was from the wild ground phlox that rapidly bloomed in the springtime. The full moon that occurred, along with the growth of this mossy pink herb, was the sign for the Native Americans that this full moon is actually pink.

The pink moon (although the smallest moon) will actually be very close to Jupiter this year. So, if it’s a starry clear night, you’ll get a gaze of the pink moon as well as the biggest planet in the solar system.

The pink moon has a significant spiritual meaning as well. Since the pink moon is named after the blooming flowers of moss pink, it represents focusing on new and exciting things that could bloom up in your life this season. It pushes you to take an active role — focusing on that call to action and how that affects your current life circumstances.