I have a salt lamp in every room of my house!  Not only do they look nice but the benefits are awesome as well……..

In my feature pic I have showed a few of my lamps/candle holders/rock bowl and where I have place them in my house, top left to right: sacred space, livingroom, bedroom (on nightstand), livingroom, sacred space & livingroom……..

10 Great Reasons to own a Himalayan Salt Lamp….

  1. cleans & deodorize the air;
  2.  reduce allergy & asthma symptoms;
  3.  eases coughing;
  4. increase energy levels;
  5.  neutralize electromagnetic radiation;
  6.  better sleep (I keep the one on my night stand on all night long);
  7. improves mood & concentration;
  8.  treat seasonal affective disorder;
  9.  reduce static electricity in the air; and
  10. environmentally – friendly light source.

One thing I have noticed with mine is if you place it near a window and humidity hits it the salt will “drip” onto your stand that you placed it on, so I have since used a decorative plate to put them all on…….

I also eat with himalyan salt lamp vs. table salt the reason why is….

Himalyan Salt is the purest salt on earth & is uncontaminated with toxins or pollutants, aka as “white gold”.  Table salt is “chemically cleaned” what is left after that process is sodium chloride which is an unnatural chemical form of salt………

  1. regulates the water content in your body;
  2. promotes healthy ph balance in your cells (particularly brain cells);
  3. promotes sinus health;
  4. supports respiratory health;
  5. bone strength;
  6. prevents muscle cramps;
  7. absorbs food particles through your intestinal tract;
  8. promotes blood sugar health;
  9. naturally promotes sleep & regulates it; and
  10. with water it is essential for regulating your blood pressure…..