I like to clear my crystals after purchasing them, the reason is they are carrying so much energy from other people whether they have touched them or even around the store/gem show they were at, we have know way of knowing if the energy is good or bad, so why chance it?  Another time I clear them is after they have been used quite often, this includes my crystal jewelry…..

When I first started out using/loving crystals my “go to” way of clearing (re-tuning) the unwanted energy from them was with sage, I would burn the sage and run each crystal through the smoke chanting “clear my crystal of any unwanted energy it may have come in contact with” as my crystal collection grew, I needed a more practical way of clearing them, from all my research, my fav way of clearing them I learned in my crystal healing course which is using sound, by using sound you are bringing your crystal(s) back to their dominate oscillary rate (base resident frequency), sound is energy, the vibration of the sound brings the crystal back (clears it) the higher frequency you can find in a singing bowl & tuning fork. Increasing the loudness of music works as well, laying your crystals by a speaker will clear them, no need to blast them and change the molecule structure of the babies lol ………be gentle!

When I have a healing session with a client and the session is complete I take the crystals and lay them next to my singing bowl, to indicate the session is over I play the singing bowl (killing 2 birds with one stone so to speak) BUT later after client has left I do run those particular crystals under warm “bath like” water for an extra re-tuning….

When I send a treasure or creation out I give it reiki to clear the energy & I suggest you clear whatever you receive from me, it has been in many hands from my house to yours 🙂

** pictured is my personal singing bowl & tuning fork***

As always do what resonates with you, you can’t go wrong as long as you have the best intentions!!  Would love for you to share how you clear your crystal treasures, feel free to comment below!