A while back I had enrolled in a Meditation Teacher’s Course…..fast forward to today, I am in full swing giving it my all, conquering a few setbacks here in there, but that’ life correct, balancing?  I am about 60% through it and I’m looking forward to the time I can share my knowledge and experience with all that I have learned.  Its pretty exciting stuff and more than just “OM”

On my personal FB page I saw a friends post questioning the saying “just breathe” and why they don’t say to “exhale”.  It was a great question that I was eager to answer because of what I have learned, it wasn’t ego driven it was more of wanting to simply answer the question.  When I did comment I immediately took it down and messaged her with an apology, which she was totally cool about.  She wasn’t looking for an answer, she was making a point to her situation and I felt it wasn’t the time or place or my post to share my knowledge.

It then had gotten me thinking to use MY platform to share with you what “just breathe” actually means …. when you are told to “just breathe” it means take a minute to ONLY focus on breathing, don’t think about the past or the future, focus on the present, on your breathing, nothing else, you are being present with your breath.  When your awareness is no longer with your breathing, without judgment, simply bring your focus back and you will see how naturally calm your body feels you will notice how calm your heartbeat is, how calm and relaxed your breathing is and notice how relaxed you are feeling at that moment.  It takes away the worrying of what you are going through or have gone through and what your monkey brain conjures up to what “could” happen.   With “just breathe” it is referring to meditating, inhaling happy energy & exhaling bad energy.

Meditation helps develop a mind that is balanced, calm, and quiet and able to function more efficiently and reasonably. A person who meditates is given a unique glimpse at the workings of his own mind. A person who meditates is apt to discover how disturbing thoughts are developed and nurtured so that these behaviors can be recognized and abandoned. In this way, the mind can be transformed and changed so that it possesses a trait known as “focused attention”. This change is necessary so that the mind is freed from worry and distractions.

So everyone please “just breathe” and take the moment to be one and forget about all that you have to do and thank yourself afterwards for taking care of YOU!  It’s all about balance my friends.

Namaste ~ Debbie

~ Stay tuned for my classes coming this fall~