There are always a few crystals that many crystal lovers like to have “on hand”, if you are just starting out and are wondering what would be the “must have” crystals to get you started, here is what resonates with me and why…..

~ Clear Quartz…… This crystal is highly programmable, it amplifies all other crystals which means if you use it with say a black tourmaline it will amplify the energy properties of the black tourmaline, it is an ultimate healer & is my “go to” to use on the crown chakra for my clients during crystal healing sessions. It will channel any type of energy & help with all healing.  Over 70% of the land we walk on is formed from Quartz or other silicates in one form or another.  It improves your quality of life, it is a “feel better” stone.

~ Black Tourmaline ….. It is a great grounding stone & it transmutes negative energy.  Prior to creating pendants, I would carry this in my pocket everyday, and when I worked in an office setting I placed one on my desk at work, what I really wanted to do but I didn’t want to raise eyebrows, was put four of them on the ground at each leg of my desk to ward off the bad energy I was dealing with daily.

~ Amethyst ……. Amethyst enhances intuition & releases addictions.  This is another crystal that enhances other crystals, good for overall protection, physical, emotional, & mental balance. This is a variety of quartz found as crystals or masses. The purple color you see is due to manganese & iron inclusions you can even find rare variety of amethyst in black.

~ Rose Quartz…. We all know this is the “love stone” great for gentle emotional healing, compassion & calming.  Good for forgiveness, romance, relationships, jealousy, resentment & feeling of being emotionally wounded.

~ Citrine….. Ahh I cannot say enough about this awesome crystal!!! This crystal was my very first favorite, it is well known as the “happy stone” (It was actually brought to my attention that my last name is similar, “Gladstone”, hence my business name) Citrine is also a variety of quartz, the yellow tint is due to the heat from volcanic & earth activity.  Citrine is a confidence builder, brings abundance & wealth.  Helps with anger, aura work, self-esteem, manifesting.  I keep one in my wallet & it is known for merchants to keep in their cash drawer. Be sure to check if it is real or not, alot of citrine you find nowadays is “heat treated”.

~ Aventurine……. another stone of the quartz family.  This crystal is a confidence builder, motivation, healing, growth & ying/yang balance. Aventurine protects, calms & soothes emotions, it prevents “energy vampires” from sapping your energy. I drop an aventurine in my GLASS of water on occasion along with carnelian during flu season!!!  (be sure to check toxicity on all crystals prior to putting in water, I will put a link below on recently published toxicity in crystals)

Those are my list of basic crystals to start out with!  I recommend re-tuning them & then setting your intentions on what you would like from them, or just as I was taught, meditate with them and see what happens, take notes, work with one for a few days, take notes, some crystals may not work for you in the same manner they work for others.  As I ALWAYS say do what resonates with you, and research see what you think!

Please comment what you recommend and why or if you worked with any of the above mentioned, how was your experience…….

Namaste my friends



Toxic crystal link….