Here we are in NY on the brink of Quarantine.  As of last night they shut down all restaurants, bars and movie theatres.  Asking for us to practice social distancing.  I keep saying, I feel like I’m in a horror movie, this is something Stephen King would write about and damn, he is doing a great job!!!

REMEMBER:  we are all at the same dance, we are all listening to the same songs, we all need each other to chaperone and be there, for it to turn out ok.   Face time, Skype DM, PM talk to each other, reach out with love not fear.  I am having my moments, I’m not gonna lie, but I have my “dance partners” who point my feet on how to do the correct moves, and I do for them.  BE THERE FOR EACH OTHER!

Quote from Reiki Rays: 

“There are individual and collective fear, but there’s also a higher level of conscious living, collaboration, empathy, and genuine compassion”.  ~ THIS IS true, even if you have to look for it its ok, you won’t need to look far in your own circle.


~ LEPIDOLITE  ~ amazing calming stone, deep emotional healing, soothing and reducing stress and depression;

~ LABRADORITE ~ heals your aura & a great “friend” to have through change;

~ BLACK TOURMALINE ~ the ultimate grounding stone, blocks negative energy,

will cleanse, purify, and transform dense energy into a lighter vibration

~ SELENITE  ~ good luck and protection

~ CLEAR QUARTZ ~ stimulates the entire immune system great for physical balance & a greater state of health

~ ROSE QUARTZ ~ purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

~ CITRINE ~ if you follow me,  you know this is my ultimate “happy rock” we can all use some happiness ……….

WHEN YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO “CHECK YOURSELF” and are looking for a distraction……

If you feel yourself starting to get a bit overwhelmed here are some simple but yet effective practices I suggest and practice:

~ breathe, yup you guessed it, we all say it but its soooo true.  breathe in count to 3 breathe out do it about 10 times or whatever you are comfortable with;

~ reach out to a family member that you know will help calm you and not escalate your fear;

~ close your eyes and envision a pink bubble (pink is for love) surrounding yourself, feel the love and comfort;

~ chat with a loved one who has passed away, what would you talk about to them during this time, reach out to them and ask for their guidance and protection, they are angels now and in my eyes they have a lot of power.  I went to my mom’s grave yesterday and did just that. 

~ meditate even for a few minutes, hold your favorite crystal and envision yourself walking or sitting in a midst of crystals just like the one you are holding….. my favorite is celestite, I love envisioning my self sitting in a cave of celestite it has gotten intense (in a beautiful way) on me one or two times;

~ read an inspirational book or a novel;

~ “here and now” ….what are you doing at this moment, don’t think about what HAS happened or what COULD happen, like at this moment I am writing my blog, my hands are clicking along the keyboard and I am about to take a sip of coffee……

~ listen to a podcast in my library I listen to: Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, Here’s the Stitch with Mike & Lauren Positive Vibes, Oprahs Super Soul, Dr. Wayne Dyer …..there are so many out there and I really enjoy listening when I walk or I am getting myself ready for work in the morning!

~ get out in nature, go for a walk ……in this picture I walked with grandson through the Pine Bush, so beautiful and relaxing;

~ play with your tarot cards!!!

What ideas do you have, share with us all!!!


NAMASTE inside where I can be safe and keep others safe 🙂