We all hate being around it, and yet sometimes we feel it. Negativity is a state of mind, BUT it is highly susceptible to the environment around you. Whey you feel it, you in turn draw it to you, and then BAM when the atmosphere around is negative it brings you down  …… is a list of crystals to help with negativity…..

~ Amber, apatite, aqua aura, aquamarine, cassiterite, coral, dalmation stone, diamond, flint, gold, hematite, hessonite, jade, merlinite, pyrite, pyrolsite, quartz, rainforest rhyolite, rutilated quartz, schorl aka black tourmaline (my go to), silver, smokey quartz (another “go to” of mine), snow quartz, tiger’s eye, topaz, tourmaline (all), turquoise, verdelite, and zoisite…..these are all very useful stones to protect you from negativity.

Using the above-mentioned crystals/stones help you release negative energy held in your aura and they enhance your sense of wellbeing.

~When I worked at the firm, it was a constant “negative sap” I would put black tourmaline on my desk and around the legs of my desk THEN I would also add rose quartz to bring in loving energy.

~Chrysocolla is useful for transmuting negative emotions into positive feelings.

~Apache tear helps release any negativity you are holding onto, whether you are aware of it or not.

Let me know if I can help you out with some of these crystals, although I do not carry all on the list above, browse around and see if any are calling you ……