When it comes to my Crystal Business my forte is and always will be creating beautiful jewelry for you or a loved one, it brings me peace and very meditative/therapeutic for me…… with that said, I recently stocked my creation portion of my business with an abundance of cabochons, if you are looking for gift ideas or want treat yourself here is a list of what I currently have in stock….

~lapis lazuli cabochons & rose cut cabochons
~ rose cut lemon citrine
~ rhodochrosite
~ rose cut smokey quartz
~ lions paw jasper
~ grey moonstone
~ rainbow moonstone
~ carnelian
~ midnight quartzite
~ apatite
~ chryscolla
~ Azurite/Malachite
~ Seraphinite
~ crazy lace agate
~ Sodalite with Orange Calcite
~ Larimar
~ crazy lace agate
~ charoite
~ fossil agate
~ fossil coral
~ moldavite (real deal)
~ solar quartz
~ abalone shell
~ black onyx rose cut
~ Hypersthene
~ Ocean Jasper
~ rutilated quartz
~ sterling opal
~ opalized ammonite
~ rose cut tourminalated quartz
~ goldsheen obsidian
~ rough labradorite cut into cabochons

I would be happy to show you the choices, simply message me here on my website or shoot me an email!   I have many shapes of each crystal mentioned above