How many of you struggle with New Year Resolutions?  Its right there, right after the holidays, people talking about their new goals, their new life changes, commercials about weight loss and quitting smoking etc….. Heck, I get caught up in it myself.

I have asked myself in years past and even today as I’m writing this blog, why, why does there even need to be changes, don’t I like the way that I am?  Of course I get it for health reasons, but again, why not just change that on a daily basis and not have it be for the upcoming New Year?

I have decided not to change me for the New Year, BUT I am going to look within and create some of my own Affirmations for the New Year and I wanted to share them with you …….

I am the best part of me;

I love everyone with all that I have;

I am true to myself and others;

I am open to criticism;

I am sometimes wrong and that’s ok;

I am strong & confident;

I am not always going to eat healthy and that’s ok;

It’s ok to not always work out;

I am one person and I do the best that I can……..

As I do these affirmations, I will be holding my rose quartz, my genuine love stone because I love who I am and this helps me even if an inkling of doubt tries to surface.

What is your New Years Resolution?

Happy New Year Everyone, lets hope for a healthier 2021, keep the faith.