From the first step of chopping the palo santos (holy wood) sticks to a perfect size to fit in mason jar & adding preservative to having that amazing scent on my hands, I knew I was onto something!!! What a great “smoke free” way to clear your space!!!! This spray is intended to be used for air spraying your space only.

IDEAS for you to use it for……

~ use in your sacred space prior to meditating to clear the energy;

~ Using in your car prior to driving, not only for a fresh scent but to clear out the previous energy that may be stagnant from the stress of driving the previous time you drove

~ How about that work space, hey ya never know the energy of those coming into your work space and lets face it, not all co-workers are a joy to be around

~ My fav spot in your home after a nice cleaning for the fresh scent and that “starting fresh” feeling (my fav feeling after I clean)

~ Always good to use before and after you have guests over to the house because you never know if someone is carrying or dispelling some sort of bad energy at the time

~ Healing sessions for clients is a great way to clear out the energy you may be working on that you were having issues on, clients seem to love it and in turn gives them a calming feeling…win win!

So many options……..

Here is the link to purchase a bottle ….. get started using my own blend, I have taken the time to create in loving healing manner. Each bottle contains a clear quartz chip to amplify the energy, I have given each bottle reiki, the spring water I use in each bottle is from a local spring that I have also put out into the Super Moon energy, essential oil, and smokey quartz gem elixir (I also create myself) for some extra grounding!!

Enjoy! Please let me know what you think!