Sage Away Spray


This blend is created by me with reiki infused energy and will arrive with a brief description.
This 2 ounce amber glass bottle is portable, perfectly fitting in your purse or for travel. The dark amber color helps protect the contents from UV light and made out of corrosion-resistent glass, and contain no BPA or lead, ensuring safe use, Shake well before each use.
PLEASE NOTE: This spray has been created with the intention of “air spraying” only

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I created this spray in 2015 for the purpose of being able to reap the benefits of smudging without the smoke, my hubby does not care for the smoke of traditional burning sage which in turn gave me the idea to create this blend that I am proud of and has become very popular among my regular customers!!

Sage Away spray is the smokeless version of smudging. The purpose of Smudging is to ward off any negative energy. It is common to smudge your space. You can smudge your home, car or work space as part of a general spiritual practice. Clear any negative or lingering energy with a smudging ritual.

Set your positive intentions before spraying & then spray away the negative vibes whatever they may be.


~ Clear Quartz Chips

~ smokey quartz gem elixir created by using energy from 4 hours of pranic sun

~ 100% essential oils

~ sage tincture (extracted by me for six weeks)

~ Spring water from our local spring located in Troy, NY

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Namaste ~ Debbie

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