Selenite Tumble Crystals


This listing is for (1) selenite tumbled crystal.  Yours will be reiki infused & intuitively chosen by me and will arrive with with a brief description of the crystals.

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I love owning tumbled crystals, they are great for so many things such as grid work, carrying them in your pocket, keeping it around you in your work place, putting in your plants, placing in your car, gifting them or even create a pendant with them!

Tumbled stones are perfect for the new crystal enthusiast to dabble with and see where it takes you

Selenite is named after the Greek word for the Moon – Selene, because of its properties which fluoresce under ultraviolet light. AKA Satin Spar and Gypsum Flower.

I love to use my selenite daily to clear unwanted energies and ground myself.

Selenite is the perfect stone for clearing and cleansing energy. So it’s the number one “must have” in everyone’s home, office, work place, sacred space, altar or to wear as jewelry. Selenite can also be used to clear other crystals by placing them on top.

Selenite’s natural healing properties can remove any blockages that are preventing the healthy flow of good energies throughout your body a room
Selenite symbolizes the angelic realms and allows us to communicate with angelic beings.

Selenite is not only a protective stone that will keep negative energies away. It can also heal your body with the healing energies that it possesses.

Friendly reminder: Deb’s Glad Stones shop works hard on taking the best quality photos to give you the exact beauty of all treasures, please keep in mind due to lighting effects and monitor’s brightness/contrast settings etc., the color tone of the website’s photo and the actual item could be slightly different

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Namaste ~  Debbie

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