Handcrafted by me using rose gold toned copper based wire, happy vibes & reiki infused energy 😎🙌

17″ Black cord included

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    Spiny Oysters are greatly treasured by Native American Indian jewelers because the shells of Spiny Oysters are rare finds and difficult to discover, shell colors include orange, reds, and purples and may include distinct striations and color variations

    The Spiny Oyster Shell pieces have a low hum consistent with what you may hear/feel when putting your ear to Mother Earth. The vibration is consistent, never changing. It is the energy on which other energies are built upon.

    Spiny Oyster Shell is about going back to basics and reconnecting with this energy, this vibrational hum. It is about sea and land and sun all working in concert to help these sea creatures grow and thrive. It is also a reminder that we, as caretakers of this earth, are responsible for her care, helping her grow and thrive. It is also our responsibility to stop those who are causing great harm to her just as these Spiny Oyster Shells helped to protect the small creature within from harm.

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