July is my Month!  The month of Ruby……

Ruby is a gorgeous birthstone, I have a ruby ring, that my hubby purchased as my birthday gift many years ago vacationing in St. Maartin. (pic 2) When I was at the jeweler last week to get my rings cleaned he explained to me that ruby is actually harder to get than diamonds.  I do buy the natural rubies at times to create pendants with. 

July is a special month in many ways, many birthdays of loved ones in the physical and spiritual world. In my home I have placed some natural rubies on the alter in memory of a very special loved one (pic 1) and created a pendant in his memory for his mom which included her birthstone garnet crystal chips.  (pic 3)

Rubies are mentioned in the Bible and were central to trade during the Medieval period.

Metaphysically speaking Rubies have an intense inner power that can give you the strength to take risks and try new things.  Rubies can help you establish greater self-confidence and a greater feeling of connection with the world which in itself is something that can vastly improve your sense of self-confidence.  It’s hard to feel sure of yourself when you feel as if you’re drifting vaguely through space and can’t quite put your feet on the ground.

Rubies can actually have a positive effect on your heart chakra, helping you develop a better balance between rational and instinctive feelings towards people.

In Ancient China, rubies were buried under important buildings to protect them, and you can do the same thing by placing a ruby in the basement or ground floor of your home.


It’s so hard to know if we have any fake type of gemstone, going to a reputable jeweler is the best way to go, check the color it should be of a deep red color.  If you find the color to be dull or light that it almost looks like pink or light red in color, then you most likely bought a fake Ruby, even if your Ruby has a very deep red color, it can still be a fake. It can be a Garnet and not a Ruby.  Check the cut of the Ruby, It should be crisp and smooth and have symmetrical facets from all the sides. A fake Ruby has dull facets that are very easy to spot, and fake Rubies are usually perfectly squared or rounded.


The rubies on the alter I keep in memory


my ruby ring hubby purchased for me as a birthday gift


ruby natural stone pendant with garnet crystal chips I created for a loved ones mom

Bottom line……its a gorgeous crystal/gem.  If you own one, reap the benefits and share the beauty!!!