Creating the ideal space in which to work with crystals is both beneficial and fun!! When I first started out in my spiritual path I created one in my spare room, which consisted of many crystals (duh), my favorite recliner which when my mom was alive would always sit in it when she came for a visit (when it was in my livingroom at my apartment long ago) so this has a major connection to me and belonged in my sacred space when it was created, my alter which has all the necessities for grounding myself & the tools I needed to mediate or read my cards and 2 items given to me by both of my daughters, my reiki/crystal healing massage table, my crystal books, oils, tarot cards etc…. it was my space to do grid work, read my cards, use my pendulum, ground myself, clear my aura, meditate with my celestite geode and when I was taking my crystal healing course, I would go in there at night sit in mom’s chair turn on salt lamps, lap top in hand, study & take the tests…

Eventually my business took over that room, first with healing sessions, then with crystal treasure sales, slowly the “sacred space” that was once a whole room became a section I sat in lol but that is ok, I still had “me time”. Fast forward a couple years and now I have a beautiful sacred space/healing room/shop and wow (I don’t like to brag lol) but it is the bomb diggity!!! I created it in one day, (except for things that weren’t shipped to me yet) and my intuition just flowed, I had it set in my mind how it would be and I could not be happier!!!

To create a sacred space in your home can help to give your crystal work a special, meaningful, or ceremonial feel. Even if you do not have a room to use on a permanent basis, you can always set up a temporary “space” and take it down when done when you are finished.

Take time preparing your space. Clear everything out that does not serve you, dust, vacuum, open windows & then of course smudge to get rid of old/negative energies (be sure to get the corners)

Now this is YOUR space, you will find that everything you want in there will intuitively fall into place, your happy excited energy will go into it (can’t go wrong there) place your favorite crystals in there, hang those spiritual decorations up, light those candles, turn on those salt lamps, do some grid work, read your cards, practice your pendulum usuage, and just be…….

Pic #1 is my first sacred space, pic #2 is my current sacred space

show me your pics of your sacred space!!!!

~ Namaste

Sacred Space

Pic #1, this is my first sacred space (see mom’s chair) alter to the right of it

Sacred Space

Pic #2 this is my current sacred space (see moms chair) and alter to the right of it