DID YOU KNOW…..working with crystals over a period of time means developing a bond with them that can enhance their healing benefits? Think of crystals as “stone people”, the more you work with them, the more you get to know it in the same way you do family, spouse or a bff. The more time you spend together, the more you learn about each other and the better and more effectively you work together. If you are an avid crystal loving & carry them with you or wear on a regular basis like I do you will realize you are friends with them. Think about it, they offer a helping hand in times of need, and happy beautiful company in happier and healthier times. They are “Stone People” and, like humans some of them pass into and out of your life while others become life long friends 

Pictured are my ultimate “go to” Stone people, my black tourmaline helps keep me grounded, I seek it out the most. My little brown mojo bag is my “go to” Biker Stone People, (yellow jasper (great for travel), rose quartz (loving gentle friend) & smokey quartz (gentle grounding friend) I use the mojo bag every single time I ride my motorcycle, each time prior to hopping on my Harley, I cup them all in my hand, I clear them and set my intention. Honestly, if I ever forgot them, I would panic, because I always have them in my pocket. I realize I could just keep them on my bike, but I want to clear them in private and have a moment with them.

Who are your “Stone People” on a regular basis?