This moon means a lot to me, June was when I got married and for my 50th birthday a couple of years ago my honey & I went to Sedona Arizona & WE sat on our balcony & watched the Strawberry Moon rise above the infamous red rocks.  I emphasize “WE” because hubby (to put it bluntly) could care less about the moon, but he was intrigued because of all the research I was doing, how I knew when it was rising, and to actually see it transpire slowly (took about an hour) above the mountain, seeing the “shadow” of it starting, then the tip then little by little BAM, there it was, it was like you reach out to it & touch it.  Sedona is a very spiritual location due to the vortexes that are there and of course many other reasons, but to be there as a person like I am (a freak about any full moon) was amazing!!! I have shared some of my pics with it rising above the mountain…….

The reason for the name…….

Native American that settled here in the US created nicknames for fullmoons to help them keep track of the seasons.  For June, the tribes referred to the full moon as the strawberry moon because June was the prime month for strawberries to be harvested and when the strawberry moon rose, the tribes would go out and collect their ripened harvest before the animals got to them.

Because where we’re situated geographically, the moon appears very high in the sky which gives it a pinkish tint, which really is just an illusion.

Pretty cool stuff……..

Use this moon to your advantage, put some water out in a glass (covering it with cheese cloth or a coffee filter) charge it up & add to a spray bottle, then spray that moon energy around your home!

Put your crystals out get that moon energy by clearing the ones you use often or even your newbies that you have added to your collection!

Keep in mind you get the same energy effectiveness day before, day of or day after a full moon AND even if it is cloudy or raining put them in a window sill or on a table that captures the moon.  Be sure to set your intention, by doing that you can never ever go wrong!

Have Fun & I would love to hear your moon energy ideas & stories!

NamasteStrawberry Moon Sedona Arizona Strawberry Moon Sedona Arizona Sedona Arizona