I personally have always been fascinated by the Tree of Life, I just think its a beautiful piece and meaning.  In the past, I have said when working with crystals use your own personal experience, come up with your own definition, you will never be wrong, then look up what the written meaning is on google, books etc… and compare.  I am certain there will always be a similarity (without the “big words”) lol

My personal definition of the Tree of Life is ……..we all start as a seed, and the more we are “watered” with love we grow, we “root” ourselves to the ground, the more positive, happy & “love fulfilled” we are, we grow and flourish, the older we get we start to build a family, meet friends that become family & our branches expand and flourish of course in real life over time some branches fall off BUT there is always room for growth……..

Of course I had to research and this is what I found & loved on GOOGLE……….(not limited to) “The metaphysical meaning…. you are a child of the Universe.  You have the right to exist you have the responsibility to grow to be yourself.  The spiritual meaning can be thought of as  your own Cosmic Family tree, telling ancient stories of your shared roots which link you to the past, showing your connected struggles and aspirations; desires to reach the light.  Trees may look the same, especially when they first begin, but they grow, thrive, change, are battered by storms and weather, become broken and, as they age, become very unique.  They become as we all wish to be, indviduated.  Like an enormous family tree the symbol of the Tree shows the roots and branches where we have diverged and where we have joined, it shows where we come from and who comes from us”.  I still go with my definition & sprinkle it with a little “google salt” definition.

My relationship with TOL……..3 years ago I started creating several types of Tree of Life pendants, some with wire & crystal chips associated with maybe a birthstone or chakra colors, then I wanted to “plant” one on an actual stone otherwise known as a cabochon, then I met a good friend who cuts & cabs his own crystals/stones and we would do collaboration pieces, he would send me the requested crystal/stone & I would “plant” the tree.  We were pretty busy with customer requests!  I have created several on a natural slab stone & mixed in a celestial sun Tree of Life & Celestial Sun on Natural Lepidolite Crystal, my plan (but time doesn’t always allow me to) is to create alot more of these.  

Creating the Tree of Life is time consuming but so so calming & meditative.  This is on my mind today because I felt the urge to create 2 yesterday & it felt so good to get back to it.  I love every aspect of what I do but the creating is by far my favorite part.  I have posted pictures of the variety I have created over the years and here is the link of the 2 I created yesterday LABRADORITE TREE OF LIFE PENDANT with RAINBOW MOONSTONE CRYSTAL BEAD MOON and ROSE QUARTZ TREE OF LIFE PENDANT with BLACK MOONSTONE CRYSTAL MOON I added a crystal in each to replicate the moon. Over time I have gotten tapestries, wall hangings shirts & I also had gotten a tree of life derby cover on my motorcycle (since sold the bike), my icon on my biz page is TOL.  Its a beautiful symbol with whatever meaning you wish to use…..

I take custom orders, if you have an idea, lets create!  🙂 Simply fill out the order form in the FAQ section of my shop 🙂

Would love to hear your personal definition of the Tree of Life or an experience ……..

Namaste ~