September 23 – October 22  is the zodiac sign for Libra.  As we all know each month has a particular birthstone connected to it. Birthstones ground and amplify celestial engergies.  Some crystals arise from a month of birth, other from the planets connected to a sign.  There are over 4500 crystals & new ones being discovered all the time and as they are found they are assigned a sign.


September’s birthstone is Sapphire, this stone is known as the “wisdom stone” it can release frustration & ease self expression.  Brings in peace of mind & serenity.  There are approximately 8 varieties of sapphire & each color has its own unique attribute in addition to the traditional qualities, depending on the color you use would determine the chakra you would work with.

For October’s birthstone there are 2 known gems: Tourmaline & Opal

Opal is first named birthstone of October, on the geek side ~ the internal structure of the opal causes the stone to diffract light giving it the range of colors, we all see I call it  “flash” sometimes you may see the “flash” it all depends on the conditions on how the stone is created. Opal is transparent with a bright spectrum of colors, while the fire opal is translucent with bold hues of yellow, orange and red. Opal gemstones with red hues against a black backdrop are the rarest and most expensive while the green and white opals are more common and less expensive, which of course in my world makes them more poplular.  Common opal does not have a diffraction grating in its structure which results in plain ole white without the “flash” of color. Metaphysically it is good for creativity, inspiration, imagination and memory.  Promotes good and bad characteristics and allows bad ones to come out so you can deal with them . 

The Gemstone tourmaline is the most colorful of all gemstones, occurs in all colors, but pink, red, green, blue and multicolored are its most well-known gem colors. On the geek side ~ tourmaline is not a single mineral, but a group of minerals related in their physical and chemical properties. The mineral Elbaite is the member of the Tourmaline group that is responsible for almost all the gem varieties. Three other members of the group Schorl (aka black tourmaline) Dravite & Liddicoatite are very rarely used as gemstones!  I personally use Dravite & black tourmaline in my crystal healing sessions and highly recommend them for grounding getting connected to mother earth.  Metaphysically tourmaline is known as the ‘Peace Stone’, dispel anger, fear, jealousy and aggressiveness to keep the wearer calm and tranquil. the stone is believed to enhance creativity of its wearer.

Here is a list of the crystals assigned to the zodiac sign Libra:

Sapphire, Opal, Ametrine, Apophyllite, Aquamarine, Aventurine Bloodstone, Chistolite, Chrysolite, Emerald, Green Spinel, Green Tourmaline, Jade, Kunzite, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Mahogany Obsidian, Moonstone, Opal, Peridot, Sappphire, Topaz, Prehnite, Sunstone

**NOTE: new crystals are being discovered everyday therefore this list can change


Another Change at this time of the year is Autumn Equinox, the beginning of autumn & here in Upstate NY can be absolutely stunning!!  I ride a motorcycle and getting a chance to go out there and do some“leaf peeping” is a blessing.  Fall has always been my favorite time of the year, the only reason it isn’t for the last 2 years is because it means I have to garage my bike for about 6 months lol……ok, ok, enough about me and my woes lol.  This marks the moment of the beginning of Autumn & its celebration for its “friendship” with harvest and coziness.  Then on the same note it marks an ending, now nights are longer than the days and continue until Winter Solstice. 

Think of where you were a year ago & how far you have come we are always working on growth, so now is a good time to see how your life has changed, whether you have met your goals or if you need to keep plugging along (sometimes our goals take a bit of time) to get us through these sometimes depressing short days & long nights we need something to focus on make it a goal that you can work extra hard on through the winter months.

There are many many ways to celebrate Fall Equinox, we all celebrate in our own way, don’t let it get you down as it can be easy to do, be optimistic, its here, we can’t change it, embrace the new season, reach for a citrine (the happy rock), put on a hoodie, sip some cocoa by an outdoor fire……

As always, would love to hear how you celebrate and your input is always appreciated!!

Happy Fall…….Namaste